Saturday, January 20, 2007

Austin, my beagle, loves me

I learned this morning how strong are my little dog's feelings for me. For twenty minutes after my wife left for work, Austin could not keep his adoring eyes off me.

As I shaved, he lay on a nearby rug, patiently watching every flick of my razor Austin followed me to the closet, soulful gaze affixed as I selected and ironed my shirt. Needing neither praise nor a pat on the head, he remained comforted by my mere presence.

How did I deserve such devotion? How can another species come to love a human so much? that his only desire is to sit and worship my existence?

Austin patiently watched as I brushed my teeth, even closer to my feet than before. As I turned on the shower, and slipped off my boxers, his gaze never left me.

As the shower door closed behind me, a glass barrier now separating master from beast, I turned to catch one more glimpse of my adoring pet. At just that instant, Austin leaped from the rug and sped to the kitchen. His fifteen minute excavation of the garbage can was uninterrupted, his patience finally rewarded.


Heather said...

So true, so true. I've come to become quite suspicious when my house is too quiet. It usually means the kids, and or pets, are up to no good!

Anonymous said...

Of course your beagle loves you.

He just loves food a little bit more...