Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sundance Walk on the Wild Side

We weren’t aware our department’s awards dinner in Fort Worth coincided with the nearby Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at Sundance Square. Circumstances caused me to arrive an hour earlier than everyone else. So I killed time by strolling around the large square, reading the menus at restaurants, peering into store windows, picking up a coffee somewhere, and just looking unoccupied. The friendliness of fellow pedestrians surprised me, but I made an effort to smile back to even those looks that seemed to linger just a little too long.

Then I realized it was only the males who were smiling at me. That puzzled me, until I saw the signs about the film festival, Now it made sense. While I was checking out the retail scene, they were checking me out. That was unnerving, but actually a bit flattering.

I’m straight as an arrow, and I had no intention of pursuing any attention I received. But it does help one’s ego to know that someone finds you attractive. Not sure why gay men would, though. I buy my clothes from the clearance rack at Kohl’s. I’ve never had a manicure. My haircuts are basic Fantastic Sam’s. Do you think I was being viewed as a project?

In any case, I walked into our dinner that night with a little extra bounce. After a couple of drinks, I decided the whole department should know why I was feeling good. Naturally. I’ve been teased a bit since then about my Sundance Square ego stroll.

My advice is this: if you need positive reinforcement about your looks, don’t worry about where it comes from. But be a little cautious about sharing the details with coworkers.

Note to Betti ...

No need to bring up the drag incident from our college days. Please remember that:

- I was drunk;
- It was just a joke;
- The Willson sisters could always talk me into anything;
- That my act was able to fool Joe Bonesio and your brother, Bill, doesn’t indicate anything about suppressed desires, OK?


Blooper Reel said...

Please tell me Betti has photos of this "incident from our college days".

Fortunately you weren't in Key West where according to certain retired AF Sgts., hands are not neccesarily kept to themselves when expressing admiration.

Jet Beagle said...

Betti told me she wasn't there. I only mentioned her name to get her atteniotn, reminding her that I was a good friend of her late brother Bill.

I don't remember photos being taken. But there's no telling what Ann and Sue Willson subjected me to while they worked on their "creation".

And that's all you're ever going to learn about that night.