Monday, May 5, 2008

UFO's chase beagle

My little beagle, Austin, let me know at 2:00 AM a few nights ago that he couldn't wait three hours for his normal "relief" time. He needed to get outside and get there fast.

The wind was strong as we opened the door to the back porch, but Austin had urgent business in the back yard, so he ventured forth into the darkness. About ten seconds later a blur passed my view, followed by a loud "Blam!" Austin's momentum had carried him past the door, up onto his igloo, and into the window screen. He was down in a flash, into the house, and peering out from behind my legs.

The hail was only quarter-sized, but it was coming down fast. Austin had previously felt snowflakes and driving rain on his fur, but never anything that stung quite like this.

What must go through the mind of a small canine when the normal emptying of his bladder is so rudely interrupted? How long will it take the poor little guy to overcome this new fear of the darkness hours? I've noticed he hasn't awakened me for the past four nights. I guess I would also strain with discomfort until the morning light if someone had ever once pelted me with ice marbles from the dark sky.

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Patricia said...

Poor Austin. Those big hail stones hurt...and the little guy wasn't expecting them. I think you have to coax him out a night a few times so he forgets about the trauma. :o)