Monday, October 27, 2008

Tee Time, my four legged friend

Tee-Time is the name of a mostly Jack Russell terrier abandoned near the Grapevine Municipal Golf Course in the summer of 2007. Tee-Time adopted the golf course as her new home, and the staff and golfers have adopted Tee-Time as well.

We’ve never been able to catch Tee-Time, or even pet her. Someone must have abused the poor animal in a previous life, and she steadfastly refuses to trust any golfer or staffer. But she gladly accepts French fries and peanut butter crackers and sandwich crusts from anyone. The owner of the grill quickly realized that buying dog food was a smart move, as it sharply reduced the number of sandwiches the beverage cart girls determined to be too stale for humans.

When I play at the course, I always carry dog biscuits or liver treats or some other canine delicacy in my bag. After two years, Tee Time has come to recognize me as a major donor. So she follows me for the entire 18 hole round. Usually she just stares at me, longingly awaiting the next treat. On the few occasions when I’ve jogged to catch up with my riding companions, Tee Time runs alongside of me. If I neglect to reward her loyalty for a hole or two, Tee Time nips at my heel to remind me.

Tee Time rules the golf course, her private little kingdom. She can often be seen chasing squirrels back into trees and ducks back into ponds. Occasionally a large goose will challenge her, thinking that, at a mere 12 pounds, Tee Time will back down,. Not a chance.

Tee Time must have experienced love at one point in her prior life. I’ve been told that a very young boy visited the course recently, and was able to pet her and scratch her belly. When small children accompany a parent to the driving range, Tee Time stops all begging activity and stares intently and longingly at the little people from 50 feet away – sometimes for 30 minutes or more.

I love this little dog. I wish more than anything she’d let me show her how much.


Heather said...

I have a friend who rescues Labs, and everyday she comes home wanting to add another to her family. It is so hard to see an animal in need, but Tee-Time sounds like he has some good "guardian angels" around the course.

Besides, if he's anything like my Yorkie, he is convinced he really WILL catch a squirrel one day. Maybe he's worried if he leaves his "turf" he will miss his opportunity!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wot, no Beagle photos? Aarrooo!