Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good reason for a tattoo?

I’m not a big fan of bold tattoos, but I’m not bothered by small ones. It’s not something I would do, but perhaps that’s just a generational thing. Many of my flower child era did paint images on their faces and bodies, but rarely took the risk of a permanent decoration.

There’s a story behind most of the images on the tattoo-adorned younger folks I talk with. I don’t always appreciate the significance of the tales. But this weekend I did agree with one girl’s reasoning.

Kristi, one of the attractive beverage cart girls at my local golf course, showed me a couple of her tattoos as she was filling my drink order. I had not noticed before the blue star on each of her ears, similar to the blue star on Bjork’s neck in this image. Blue stars in north Texas are certainly common, as this is Cowboys country.

Kristi explained that her aunt had been one of the original Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in 1972 or 1973. She had been close to her aunt all her life, and deeply felt her loss when the aunt died a few years ago. So Kristi honored her aunt by having a blue star tattooed on each earlobe. This seemed an acceptable reason for a tattoo, one of the best I’ve heard.

Do you have a tattoo? Will you share its significance?

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Heather said...

No tats here, but Hubbie has one on his ankle. He claims it's from his college fraternity and is sworn to secrecy on its meaning. To me it looks like a capital H lying next to a lower case h. I tell everyone it stands for "Heather."